What Is It?

Once a month from 11.15am the Barton Christadelphians invite all who are interested to join them in listening, in an informal and friendly atmosphere, to a talk about different aspects of the Bible and of the Gospel message it contains. The speakers are different each week, with most of them coming largely from Christadelphian churches (or ‘meetings’ as they are often called) elsewhere in the Midlands region. Christadelphians have a lay ministry, so the speakers come from all walks of life, and the subjects they choose to speak on are equally varied. All the talks aim to be simple and easy to follow, and they include many personal and practical topics, with the emphasis on relating the teaching of the Bible to the realities of life.

The talks last between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the speaker and the nature of the subject being dealt with. They are occasionally interactive, and are more often than not accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation, which helps to make the topic more accessible. The Bible Hour is ‘topped and tailed’ with a hymn and a prayer, and Bibles and hymn books are provided for anyone who wants to join in the reading and singing. You do not need to be a Christadelphian to come along and join in, as we all aim to learn something about the Bible and God’s purpose in our lives. With only very rare exceptions, every Sunday’s Bible Hour is followed by (free) refreshments – tea, coffee, squash, and biscuits – which everybody is welcome to share.

Special Services

In recent years, a number of Sundays in the year have been designated ‘First Steps Sundays’, at which the speaker makes a particular effort to ensure that no prior knowledge of the Bible is necessary to follow what is being said about the good news of the Kingdom of God. These particular Sundays are well advertised in advance by posters and leaflets distributed around Barton village.

Every so often, also, the Bible Hour ‘slot’ is given over to other types of service, such as Family Services (in which the emphasis is on the younger visitors), a Sunday School prize-giving, a Harvest Festival service (during September), and services to mark such important events as Easter Sunday and Christmas. But whatever the occasion, the Barton Christadelphians assure you of a really warm welcome on our Sunday morning around the Word of God. Why not try it and see? You might be very pleasantly surprised.