Have you ever been lost? Really lost?  I got lost in a thick fog in some lanes near my home some years ago.  Even now, I can remember the relief of reaching the welcoming lights of the main road.

Many of us can feel lost, especially in these difficult and worrying times, and even amongst family or friends with whom we meet.   Believers in the message of the Bible have in their hands life’s true guide, the only way to avoid being lost, the path from our birth in Adam to our salvation in Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to heal the sick; to find those who were lost and could be saved through the love of God.  Jesus told us about this in his parables in the New Testament.  If we’re far away like lost sheep, it seeks us out and calls us home.  It penetrates our hearts and searches our motives like a sword.  If we respond, we can then enjoy what God has prepared for us.

How often have we been lost and cried for help?  If we seek the love of God, he’ll find us, and gently carry us back to the right pathway through life.  If we believe, we should never be dismayed by the darkness of the world, the disease, earthquakes and man-made problems around us, and the fog of our busy lives that clouds our vision.  If our hearts are right, a door will always open and God’s light will lead us out of the gloom.  If we want him to, Jesus will search for us and will rejoice to find us.

We can truly appreciate the love that God has for us, only when we realise how He gave His only son that we might have life.  On Jesus’ return, (and that could be very close now), may we have responded to his invitation, and walked the straight path towards the Kingdom that Jesus will establish on earth.

Embracing the love of God will show us how lost we were in Adam, but are now found by Christ.

If you have a Bible you might like to read more about being found by Jesus in the gospel of Luke, Chapter 15, in the New Testament.